Thursday, June 25, 2009

SBA Online Course Helps Companies Win Federal Contracts

The federal government offers $400 billion in contracts annually to small business owners and vendors that can meet a specific need. Many small businesses can grow rapidly if they are able to obtain these federal contracts. In fact, many small businesses establish themselves with the goal of providing services uniquely to the federal government. However, getting federal contracts often requires a good bit of effort and knowledge that can take small business owners time to acquire.

To help these small business owners get accurate information about obtaining federal government contracts more effectively, the U.S. Small Business Administration recently launched its latest free online course, Business Opportunities: A Guide to Winning Federal Contracts.

The online course is designed for all small businesses, especially women entrepreneurs and small firms in underserved markets that have historically had difficulty tapping into federal contract markets. The course uses both written script and audio to provide information about the enormous federal market, including information about contract rules, where to find contract opportunities, and how to sell products or services to the government.

How to Use the Course

The instructional, self-paced guide is available on the SBA's Web site. To find this course, follow these steps: from the SBA's training site, click on the menu of free online courses and then select the first course listed under “Government Contracting.”

After completing the 30-minute tutorial, business owners can earn a certificate of completion from the SBA.

By the way, this Business Opportunities online course is one of more than 24 online tutorials offered by the SBA through its virtual campus at the Small Business Training Network.

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